Three Days Grace Score No. 1 Active Rock Hit with ‘Chalk Outline’


Story by Charles Ken

Three Days Grace’s latest single, ‘Chalk Outline,’ is the No. 1 rock track in the country

Three Days Grace’s new album doesn’t come out until October, but the band already have a No. 1 active rock hit off the album in “Chalk Outline.” The catchy, heavy track jetted to the top of the chart this week, and band members couldn’t be happier.

“We went for a tighter, more articulated sound on this record,” drummer Neil Sanderson said in an official statement. “The music we were writing was a little more intricate than in the past, and we’ve been experimenting with new instruments. We wanted to present these new ideas concisely without going over-the-top in ambience and overall production.”

Three Days Grace guitarist Barry Stock recently checked in with Audio Ink Radio to talk about the sound of the new album. “We definitely have those moments in the record about growing up, because you never really stop growing up,” Stock said. “We’re getting older, but we’re still growing into something else, so I find the themes are similar whether you’re 35 or 15. Those kinds of themes can reflect the lives of a lot of people, not just teenagers.”

Transit of Venus will reach stores and online outlets on Oct. 2. The release will be complimented by an October tour that kicks off Oct. 8 in Dallas, Texas and runs through Oct. 28 in Nashville, Tenn. Find a complete list of tour dates here.




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