Jack White Prefers Touring with Two Backing Bands


Story by Charles Ken

Jack White pays top dollar for his touring musicians

Former White Stripes main man Jack White is on the road to promote his debut solo album, “Blunderbuss,” and on tour, he’s bringing along some big names. The singer and guitarist has two different groups playing with him — an all-male group called the Buzzards and an all-female band called the Peacocks — but only one band plays per night, meaning White has to foot the bill for two bands for the whole trek instead of just one.

Why does White prefer touring with two bands, even though he only needs one? Speaking with the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, he explained that he’s prefer to pay top dollar on his musicians verses an entourage of sorts.

“We played some festival and there was rappers, hip-hop artists…their entourages and the set-up, like you know, 45 people hanging out with them that got flown to London, and [then] Paris the next day…private jet, all this stuff,” he said. “I don’t feel bad at all now about having two bands, I mean, because at least all that money’s going to push something to happen on the show, on stage.  In a lot of ways you could waste your money on all that ridiculous stuff.”

Jack White, the Buzzards and the Peacocks will continue their North American trek through Oct. 28, and then, they set out to the U.K. for a short tour. For more information on Jack White’s current tour, visit his official website.




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