Chevelle Announce First-Ever Greatest Hits Album


Story by Cat Badra

Chicago rockers Chevelle are set to release their debut greatest hits collection, ‘Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites,’ in December

Any fan of Chevelle will attest to the fact the band has a darn huge list of rock radio hits under its belt. Now, the Chicago boys — including Pete Loeffler (guitars, vocals), Sam Loeffler (drums) and Dean Bernardini (bass, vocals) — have announced they will unleash their debut greatest hits CD just in time for Christmas shopping. The set, called “Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites,” will hit stores on Dec. 4 and feature 12 chart-toppers, as well as a shiny new track called “Fizgig.”

The track list for “Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites” spans Chevelle’s entire catalog, from early hits, such as “The Red” from 2002’s “Wonder What’s Next” to newer gems, like the title track from “Hats Off to the Bull.” Other popular Chevelle tracks include “I Get It,” “Send the Pain Below” and “Jars,” to name a few.

Chevelle drummer Sam Loeffler recently checked in with Audio Ink Radio to talk about the band’s 2009 hit “Jars,” which appears on the best-of CD. He explained that the deep, down-tuned rock ditty is actually a tongue-in-cheek reference to “wanting to save the world.”

“It’s like you’re trying to put the whole world into jars for safe keeping,” he said. “So it’s kind of about recycling and the green movement. Which of course is a great thing; it’s just taking it to the extreme.”

Check out the complete track listing for “Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites” below.

Track List for Chevelle’s ‘Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites’:

“Same Old Trip”
“Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)”
“The Red”
“I Get It”
“Face to the Floor”
“Send the Pain Below”
“Sleep Apnea”
“The Clincher”
“Hats Off to the Bull”
“The Meddler”




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