Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Back with Queens of the Stone Age


Story by Charles Ken

Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl is laying down tracks for his buddies in Queens of the Stone Age

Foo Fighters are taking an indefinite hiatus, but frontman Dave Grohl isn’t one to rest on his musical laurels, and now, it seems he has joined back up with one of his beloved side bands: Queens of the Stone Age. The psychedelic rock group has been working hard on a new album for a while now, and following the news of drummer Joey Castillo leaving the band QOTSA (via Antiquiet), the guys have posted a photo on their official Facebook page announcing that Grohl is back. Or, at least he’s tracking the new album.

Grohl famously laid down drums lines on QOTSA’s 2002 album “Songs for the Deaf,” and while he didn’t join the band full time at the time, he did play drums on a few dates on the band’s live shows in support of the release. Following “Deaf,” former Danzig drummer, Castillo, took over drumming duties and laid down tracks on the group 2005?s “Lullabies to Paralyze” and 2007?s “Era Vulgaris.”

While QOTSA hasn’t officially confirmed the reunion, the photo is a good sign. Grohl and QOTSA singer and guitarist Josh Homme recently collaborated together for the “Sound City” documentary, and they’re longtime friends.




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