Chevelle Unleash Lyric Video for New Song, ‘Fizgig’


Story by Anne Erickson

Watch Chevelle’s new lyric video for their latest single, ‘Fizgig’

While Chevelle don’t have plans to release a full-fledged studio album right now, the Chicago-based rock trio do have some new music up their collective sleeves. Chevelle have unleashed the official lyric video for their latest track, “Fizgig,” which arrives on the group’s debut greatest hits album, “Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites.”

Staying true to Chevelle’s dramatic tradition, the video is dark and vivid, with the lyrics to “Fizgig” and various other images moving up, down and across a dim, creepy stage. Musically, the track is heavy on guitars and singer Pete Loeffler’s breathy, dramatic wails. Watch the theatrical video below.

“Stray Arrows — A Collection of Favorites” is out today (Dec. 4). The set offers all of Chevelle’s big radio hits, such as “The Red” and “Send the Pain Below” from 2002’s “Wonder What’s Next,” “The Clincher” and “Vitamin R” from 2004’s “This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)” and “I Get It” from 2007’s “Vena Sera, as well as newer hits “Same Old Trip,” “Face to the Floor,” “The Meddler” and “Hats Off to the Bull.” (Photo via the Mitch Schneider Organization.)

Watch Chevelle’s Lyric Video for ‘Fizgig’:



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