Imagine Dragons Team with MTV for Study Abroad Program


Story by Cat Badra

Imagine Dragons have joined forces with MTV to offer students a chance to study overseas

Imagine Dragons want their fans to have the opportunity to study abroad. The alternative rockers have joined forces with MTV to offer interested peeps a chance to take their learning overseas.

Imagine Dragons are just one of the groups slated to work with mtvU and the State Department to nominate students to be granted Fulbright-mtvU Fellowships. This works much like a scholarship program, where students will be awarded fellowships to help encourage them to venture to other countries and study how music can unite people of different backgrounds and cultures. Past fellowship students have had the privilege of studying in Kosovo, India, Botswana and far beyond.

Students may send in their applications for the fellowship program via, and the deadline is March 1. While Imagine Dragons and several other musicians will look over the applications and give their opinions, a presidentially-appointed board will make the ultimate call on how gets awarded the fellowships.

“It’s an honor to be a small part of a program that does so much good,” the guys of Imagine Dragons said in a statement. “Music is such a universal means of communication — it seems fitting that the Fulbright Fellowship uses it as a tool to make a positive cross-culture impact.”



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