Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Stands Up for Nickelback and Creed


Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

Don’t bully rock bands Nickelback and Creed, or else Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds might get on your case

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds strongly dislikes bullying, and that’s exactly what he says happens when fans make fun of rock bands such as Nickelback and Creed, who are often targets of jokes from the rock community.

“The whole hate towards Creed and Nickelback for years is stupid and is nothing different then bullying,” Reynolds said in a tweet over the weekend. “It’s (one) thing to criticize their music because it’s not for u & another thing to continually shovel s*** on them as people for fun. I don’t know them but am burnt on the hate.”

Reynolds added in a separate tweet,¬†“When Scott Stapp was going through his struggles and people were laughing about it it made me sick.” Back in November 2014, the Creed singer posted a handful of alarming videos saying he was homeless after all of his money was stolen. The following year, Stapp told the public that he had bipolar disorder.

“Nothing different then a high school popularity contest filled w a bunch of insecure bullies trying to make themselves feel better at someone’s expense,” Reynolds stated in the tweet. “Gross.”

Reynolds was apparently tweeting on a flight, as he also mentioned that a man sitting next to him on the¬†airplane noticed he was “breathing heavy (with) a stern brow” and asked if everything was okay with him. Reynolds replied, “Oh me??? Yes of course!!” Then, the man asked, “Wait (are) you the ‘Radioactive’ guy?” Yes, sir, he is — for lack of a better term — the “Radioactive” guy.

In other news, Reynolds and the guys of Imagine Dragons recently unleashed a new album, “Origins.” The set features the single “Natural,” which shot to No. 1 on the BDS Alternative Radio chart upon its release.

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