Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor to Head Up New Music Streaming Service


Story by Cat Badra

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has been named the chief creative officer of Daisy, a new music streaming service

Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor is getting into the music streaming business. The famed frontman has just inked on to be chief creative officer of Daisy, an up-and-coming music streaming service he is launching with rapper Dr. Dre.’s company, Beats by Dre. The news came via Interscope Records chairman and Beats Electronic co-founder Jimmy Iovine on Thursday (Jan. 10) during a conference call with the press, reports SPIN.

“What’s missing from the digital music landscape is a cultural context,” Iovine said. “We need to bring an emotional connection back to the act of music discovery. With Trent [Reznor] and now [Daisy CEO Ian Rogers ] we have the right team in place to do it.”

As for what to expect from the new streaming service, Daisy’s service will include a form of “intelligent curation” that “uses mathematics to offer suggestions to the listener…[but also] would present choices based partly on suggestions made by connoisseurs, making it a platform in which the machine and the human would collide more intimately,” Reznor explained to The New Yorker.

No word yet on a specific launch date for Daisy, but the service is on target to kick off sometime this year.



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