U2 Guitarist’s Music Rising Charity Kicks Off Hurricane Sandy Relief Program


Story by Charles Ken

U2 guitarist The Edge’s Music Rising Charity is sending funds to schools affected by Hurricane Katrina

The members of U2 have always been interested in the greater good, and now, guitarist The Edge is revving up his charity efforts. Music Rising, the relief organization co-founded by The Edge to assist in aiding music programs affected by Hurricane Katrina, has dropped that news that it’s branching out to assist troubled areas throughout the U.S. Hurricane Sandy is the organization’s latest project, and the new phase of Music Rising has made a $250,000 donation to help school programs in the New York and New Jersey areas that were affected by the storm.

Music Rising got its start in 2005 by co-founders The Edge, Gibson Guitar CEO and chairman Henry Juszkiewicz and producer Bob Ezrin. As for Music Rising’s past work, the organization’s first initiative resulted in sending oodles of musical instruments to churches, schools and various other programs in the area most affected by Hurricane Katrina. Music Rising also teamed up with New Orleans’ Tulane University to create some school curriculum highlighting the rich history of music in New Orleans. In 2010, Music Rising worked to provide financial assistance to the Nashville Symphony and other Nashville-based musicians following the flood that impacted the city.

For more information on Music Rising, visit the organization’s official website.



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