Blink-182 Start Recording New Music


Story by Charles Ken

The guys of Blink-182 have started work on their upcoming release

Blink-182 fans have been itching for a new full-length from the guys for a while, and now, the famed trio have announced that they’re officially started work on new music.

Frontman Tom DeLonge broke the news that the guys have been working hard in the studio on Wednesday (May 22), posting a photo  on his Instagram page of three dimly-lit keyboards, plus a caption that hints new music is on the way: “This my office… Inside my studio… As I record…. A New #Blink Song.”

Blink-182’s new release, if it’s a full-length, will be the follow-up to 2011’s “Neighborhoods.” The group also released a digital EP called “Dogs Eating Dogs” in December of 2012.

Aside from recording, Blink-182 have been busy as of late helping those impacted by the fatal tornadoes that tore up Moore, Okla., this week, killing 24 people. The trio is currently offering up some special items for a variety of charity auctions, and the funds raised from the sales will go to help tornado victims. The first item available is currently being auctioned off via eBoy: a limited edition bunny, painted by Blink-182 friend Brandon Heart. “These white bunnies were never released for sale,” the eBay product listing states. “They were all used for artists to paint on or for charity auctions.”



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