Mark Hoppus Hoping for ‘Edgier’ New Blink-182 Album


Story by Anne Erickson

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus says the band’s new album will likely have an edgier sound than previous releases

Blink-182 are going for a heavier sound on their follow-up to 2011’s “Neighborhoods.” Bass player Mark Hoppus has revealed that he has a vision for an edgier, harder-sounding Blink-182 on the upcoming studio release.

“For me, personally, obviously we still have to get into the studio and hash everything out, but I want to push it edgier,” Hoppus told Absolute Punk. “I want to push it a little faster, a little harder. I want to still do rad experimental stuff, but I want it to be more edgy.”

When it comes to who will help record Blink-182’s upcoming set, Hoppus says the band is open to having multiple producers. In fact, he says the guys have a list of a whopping six producers with whom they’d like to record.

“We want to have different people come in and out of the studio for different vibes,” he said. “Not necessarily to use one producer for the whole thing, although we’re definitely open to that option, but maybe working with three or four throughout the course of the album for songs with different tempos and different moods.”

Blink-182 are hoping to release their new album sometime next year.



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