Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor Recalls Winning an Oscar


Story by Charles Ken

Trent Reznor says winning an Oscar for his soundtrack to ‘The Social Network’ was a shock

Trent Reznor is currently in Nine Inch Nails mode, as the singer recently released his latest album with the band, “Hesitation Marks,” and is on a North American tour in support of the release. Of course, when Reznor isn’t working on Nine Inch Nails, he’s often penning soundtracks, and he even holds an Oscar for Best Original Score for his soundtrack to “The Social Network.”

“It was very surreal,” Reznor told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about winning the Oscar. “It was unexpected, because I had an opportunity to work on a score with someone who I think is an incredibly smart and talented filmmaker. I was lucky to even have the option to work with David Fincher, and as we worked on the film, Atticus Ross and myself, we were just interested in doing the best job we could do, and we enjoyed the film, we enjoyed working on it, we enjoyed the people we were working with.”

Reznor added that he never really thought he’d win an Oscar for the score. “When we finished, we thought the film was great and we thought the music worked well with it, and someone mentioned, ‘You guys could be up for an Oscar,’ he said. “That never even crossed my mind. I just never thought about it. And when it actually started to become reality, it was just weird because there’s a whole campaign around that.”

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