Imagine Dragons Snoozed Through Grammy Nominations, Says Dan Reynolds


Review by Cat Badra

Imagine Dragons were nominated for two Grammy awards last week, but they slept through the announcement

Imagine Dragons would have been stoked to hear their name called as the Grammy nominations were announced last week, but according to frontman Dan Reynolds, the band slept through their own nomination. Reynolds says Imagine Dragons, who are nominated for Record of the Year and Best Rock Performance for “Radioactive,” at first missed out on the announcement because they were on tour in Spain and sleeping through the night.

“I was on the tour bus, driving somewhere in the middle of Spain, between Barcelona and Madrid,” Reynolds told MTV News . “My family started texting me at like 5 a.m. with, like, all caps and exclamations marks, saying we got nominated for a Grammy. Then, like ten minutes later, it was ‘Wait, you got nominated for another Grammy!’ It was a very nice surprise to see in the wee hours in the morning.”

Reynolds says that it’s taken a while for the guys to call themselves a Grammy-nominated band. They simply haven’t had the time. “The day after we got nominated, we played a show, and we didn’t talk much about it,” he said. “Then after the show, (guitarist) Wayne (Sermon) was like ‘Hey guys, can we talk about the fact that we’re Grammy nominated?’ We’re either on stage or in an interview, so we really haven’t gotten to celebrate yet.”



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