Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor Praises David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’


Story by Cat Badra

Trent Reznor says he listened to David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’ nonstop during rehearsals for Nine Inch Nails’ latest tour

Trent Reznor is a big fan of David Bowie’s latest album, “The Next Day.” In fact, the frontman for Nine Inch Nails so enjoyed the album that he has penned a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter in which he gushes over the album and says that he listened to the release non-stop during rehearsals for Nine Inch Nails’ latest trek.

“It was a puzzle — it didn’t sound like how I thought it might sound,” he wrote in the column. “I thought maybe it was a bit conservative sonically. But over several months, it made its way into my playlist on countless bus rides; when I’m sitting alone to listen to music, I reach for ‘The Next Day.’”

Reznor went on to say Bowie is the musician that inspired him to want to create music. “To a kid growing up in rural Pennsylvania, out of reach of college radio and on the wrong side of the Internet — in isolation — to see this alien creep in, this larger-than-life character who was smart…he’s been a consistent reference point as somebody who is uncompromising,” he said. “He has found an audience yet challenges that audience and continues moving forward in a fearless way.”



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