Bono Hopes U2’s Best Music is Up Ahead


Story by Cat Badra

Bono is hopeful U2’s best music is to come, ‘even if the odds are against us’

U2 are expected to release their new studio album in 2014, and according to frontman Bono, the upcoming set may offer some of the band’s best work. Speaking with Irish Mirror, Bono said he believes U2’s finest work is up ahead.

“Looking as a rock ‘n’ roll band, there’s no-one – no band – who has done their best work who has been around for 30 years…So we’re going to see, but that’s not true for film makers, that’s not true of a novelist, that’s not true of a poet,” Bono told the publication. “So why should that be true of a rock ‘n’ roll band?…And I’m humbled that in our little post-punk combo from the Northside of Dublin, to think that maybe our best work might be to come even if the odds are against us.”

Bono added that creating art — and in U2’s case, musical art — is a way to fill the emptiness in an artist’s life. “I think it’s often emptiness, a void, and the attempt to fill the void is art and the artist is the person making up for absence…If you were completely of sound mind you would not need 70,000 people a night screaming, ‘I love you’ to feel normal,” Bono explained. “It’s the God shaped hole, I think, somebody called it once.”



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