U2’s Bono Says New Album ‘Won’t Be Ready Until It’s Ready’


Story by Charles Ken

U2’s upcoming album will take a bit longer, says band members Bono and Larry Mullen

U2 are currently wrapping up recording sessions for their much-anticipated new album, but don’t plan on hearing the new tunes too soon. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, band members stated that although the album is coming along well, they’re not going to release it until it’s just right.

“The album won’t be ready (until) it’s ready. But right now, people are walking a little differently — well, they’re not walking, they’re running as if to a finish line,” Bono said. “There’s a couple of songs that are part of the story we haven’t quite finished. We know we have to spend a couple of years taking these songs around the world, so they’d better be good.”

Drummer Larry Mullen added, “We’re slow learners. We need to be creative, on the cutting edge, challenged, and it’s really hard going, it’s relentless, and we’re relentless, and we have a history of breaking engineers, producers. I mean, people come out of working with U2 and just go, ‘I just don’t know what’s happened; it feels like a lifetime has passed by.’ And that’s just the way we work.”

U2 recently released a song off the upcoming album called “Invisible” as a fundraiser for the (RED) charity. The band will also perform its Oscar-nominated song “Ordinary Love,” which the guys penned for “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” March 2 at the Academy Awards.



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