Imagine Dragons Contribute New Song to ‘Transformers’ Soundtrack


Review by Charles Ken

Imagine Dragons have recorded a new tune for the ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ soundtrack

Imagine Dragons aren’t close to releasing their follow-up to 2012 full-length, “Night Visions,” but the guys do have a new song out. The Las Vegas-based band has recorded a new track for the upcoming “Transformers” film, “Age of Extinction, which plays over a new “Transformers” movie trailer.

The clip also announces that Imagine Dragons will perform at the world premiere of the film on June 19 in Hong Kong. Fans have a chance to score a trip for two to attend the private show by tweeting using the hashtag #TransformersPremiere.

“We’re incredibly lucky that [Imagine Dragons was] available to work with us,” Transformers director Michael Bay said in a statement. “I remember being drawn to the emotion of ‘Demons’ and ‘Radioactive’ the first time I heard those songs, and I knew I wanted that same energy and heart for this movie. They’ve created a really epic, otherworldly sound for ‘Battle Cry.’”

As for that new album, expect to wait for it a while. Earlier this spring, frontman Dan Reynolds told Billboard that even though the group has plenty of demos going for a new album, the band’s schedule is so packed that they have no plans to enter the studio in the immediate future.



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