Trent Reznor Wants to ‘Deliver on All Fronts’ at Nine Inch Nails Shows


Story by Cat Badra

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor says he wishes he could be involved with the food vending at his shows

Trent Reznor has always been a perfectionist when it comes to his music, and now, the Nine Inch Nails singer is taking it one step further, saying he’d love to be involved with more aspects of the live concert production, including the options of food being offered at his concerts.

Speaking with the U.K.’s Metro, Reznor said that with the way music is right now, he’s doing everything he can to make sure fans have the best time at a Nine Inch Nails concert.

“If you’re going to dedicate an evening of your life to coming to see me, then I’d like to think about as many aspects of that as I can,” he said. “If I could be involved with the food vending, I would! Particularly in this day and age, when there are so many options to dedicate your attention to. If I’m going to have you for an evening, then I want to deliver on all fronts.”

Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden are scheduled to co-headline a U.S. tour this summer, which kicks off July 19 in Las Vegas. Those who plan on attending more than one date of the tour will be in for a different concert each night, according to Reznor. “This incarnation of the band could play some 50 different potential songs,” he explained. “Every night we try to make it different. So one night might be a heavily electronic-based set, the next it might be all violently aggressive noisy rock.”



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