U2 Post Behind-the-Scenes Video of ‘Songs of Innocence’ Studio Sessions


Story by Charles Ken

U2 are opening up about the recording process behind their new album, ‘Songs of Innocence’

U2 recently unleashed, by surprise, an entire album of new tunes called “Songs of Innocence.” Now, Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton have posted a special behind-the-scenes look into what it was like to record the collection at New York City’s Electric Lady Studios.

U2’s tweeted out the update, which has the band members chatting about the new tunes and the meaning behind some of the works. The video also shows some cool footage of Electric Lady Studios, which is the space Jimi Hendrix founded in 1970, right before his untimely death.

“I always think of the Zen artists that spend all their time mixing the ink, and then it’s that last few minutes where all the work, all the gestures are actually recorded, and that’s the way our albums always go,” Bono says in the video.

Bono added, “These songs were always destined. But rather than it being paint-by-numbers, or very disciplined or described, it’s coming together in a way that’s even surprising to us.”

“Songs of Innocence” is currently available as a free download for those who use iTunes, iTunes Radio or Beats Music. The album will get a physical release on Oct. 13.



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