Imagine Dragons Announce New Album, ‘Smoke + Mirrors’


Story by Cat Badra

Imagine Dragons’ new album is due out in February of 2015

Imagine Dragons have been fairly secretive about their much-anticipated, upcoming album, but now, the details are out. The alternative rock band has announced its new album, “Smoke + Mirrors,” will arrive on Feb. 17. Pre-orders are being taken now via iTunes, and those who pre-order the set will receive an instant download of the band’s current single, “I Bet My Life,” plus a bonus track, “Gold.”

Target is also offering an exclusive deluxe version of the album, while Imagine Dragson’ online store is selling an art box deluxe edition of “Smoke + Mirrors,” the latter with lithograph prints and an oversized album booklet. Those who opt for the art box deluxe set will also score early access to tickets for the band’s 2015 tour.

Imagine Dragons recorded “Smoke + Mirrors” at their new home studio. The release is the follow-up to their smash 2012 debut “Night Visions.”

Imagine Dragons ‘Smoke + Mirrors’ Track Listing:

“Smoke and Mirrors”
“I’m So Sorry”
“I Bet My Life”
“It Comes Back to You”
“Hopeless Opus”
“The Fall”



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