Imagine Dragons Fan Finds Band Merchandise Hidden in Nevada Desert


Story by Charles Ken

A loyal Imagine Dragons fan used the band’s album art to find some hidden goodies in the Nevada Desert

Imagine Dragons are getting creative when it comes to promoting their new album. The alternative band recently released the artwork for the upcoming set – “Smoke + Mirrors,” out Feb. 17 – but it was more than just a cover image.

If you really inspect the cover art of the band’s upcoming album, you’ll see a special pattern. A loyal Imagine Dragons fan named Lindsea broke the code: it was a series of coordinates that corresponded to a certain spot in the Nevada desert. She got in touch with family that lived in the area and, at those coordinates, found some Imagine Dragons swag.

The Nevada-based group describe the whole tale in a Facebook post, stating, “They discovered buried treasure in the Nevada desert, including a signed guitar that (guitar player) Wayne (Sermon) played for years, signed drumsticks and Polaroids and a Master Tour Pass granting her two tickets to every single ‘Smoke + Mirrors’ tour show.”

This isn’t the last of the revelations, either. In the message, Imagine Dragons also state they will have “many more big surprises to come soon.”

“Smoke + Mirrors” is the follow-up to Imagine Dragons’ massively successful debut album, “Night Visions,” which spawned the pop and alternative radio hits “On Top of the World,” “Demons” and “It’s Time.”



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