Origin of Korn’s Band Name Explained in New Parody Video


Story by Anne Erickson

A new parody video describes how Korn got their now-legendary band name

Korn at this point is a legendary band name, but how did the guys come up with that moniker? Well, a new animated online comedy series named “Secret Metal Mysteries” has the answer. The series has “revealed” the genesis of the story of how the gents of Korn came up with that original name.

As for the video explains, frontman Jonathan Davis and guitar player Brian “Head” Welch were once in a band called Cabbage. Davis loves Korn, though, and really wants to name his band Corn. Unfortunately, there’s already a band called Corn, consisting of rocking corn stalks, so the name is taken. Davis, in a frustration, calls his friend Chino Moreno of Deftones, and in the end, Davis is allowed to take the name Corn and substitute the “c” to a “k.”

Of course, this is a parody, so it’s not true, but it sure makes for entertaining viewing. Korn gave their approval by posting the video on their official Facebook page.

In Korn news, the band is slated to play a collection of music festivals this spring and summer, including Fort Rock, Carolina Rebellion and Canada’s Heavy Montreal festival.

Watch ‘Secret Metal Mysteries’ Episode 1:



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