Wilco Offer Free Download of New Album, ‘Star Wars’


Story by Charles Ken

Wilco’s new album, ‘Star Wars,’ is available for free download

Wilco are back with a surprise for fans: a new album. The band suddenly and without warning released their new studio album, “Star Wars,” last week, marking their first new album since 2011’s “The Whole Love.” What’s even more interesting is that “Star Wars” is offered as a free download via the group’s website. For those who would rather stream the set, the full album is playing on YouTube.

“Star Wars” – which features, of all things, a delightful white, fuzzy cat on its cover – will also be available as a physical release, but not for free. The album will arrive on CD Aug. 21 and on vinyl Nov. 27. “Star Wars” is offered as a free digital download through Aug. 13.

In other Wilco news, the band is currently on the road playing a series of headlining gigs and festival shows, including the recent Pitchfork Music Festival in the group’s hometown of Chicago.

Wilco’s ‘Star Wars’ Track List:

“Random Name Generator”
“The Joke Explained”
“You Satellite”
“Taste the Ceiling”
“Pickled Ginger”
“Where Do I Begin”
“Cold Slope”
“King of You”



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