Sevendust Discuss Using a Children’s Chorus on ‘Kill the Flaw’


Story by Anne Erickson

Sevendust say it was a ‘special moment’ hearing a children’s chorus sing their song ‘Thank You’

Sevendust have a new album out in early October called “Kill the Flaw.” On the set, the guys are following in the tradition of bands like Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper and the Rolling Stones and using a children’s chorus singing to back frontman Lajon Witherspoon’s thick, powerful vocals on the song “Thank You.”

“Thank You” is the first single from “Kill the Flaw.” In a new episode of their “Making of ‘Kill the Flaw’” video series, the guys offer up behind-the-scenes footage of the recording process for “Thank You” with the children’s chorus. The footage is streaming now via Revolver Magazine.

“It’s one of those things where it can be very cool, or it can be very Nickelodeon,” guitarist Clint Lowery said in the video regarding using recording with a children’s chorus.

When the band finally heard the children’s chorus on the track, they were sold. It was the perfect finishing touch for “Thank You.”

“For me it was just a special moment because you hear these kids singing your words, and they add this immediate innocence to it, even though the words are cynical,” Lowery said.

“Kill the Flaw” will arrive at all the usual outlets on Oct. 2.



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