Hellyeah’s New Album ‘Really, Really Savage,’ Says Tom Maxwell


Story by Charles Ken

Hellyeah are in the studio, working on their follow-up to ‘Blood for Blood’

Before Christmas season ramps up, the guys of Hellyeah are keeping busy working on their new album, which will mark their follow-up to 2014’s “Blood for Blood.” Guitarist Tom Maxwell has posted an update on the new tunes in a YouTube video, in which he reveals the group has recorded eight new songs for the upcoming album. They plan to record five or six more soon.

Maxwell says the forthcoming album will be “really, really savage.”

“It’s gonna be moody, it’s gonna be dark, it’s gonna be crushing, it’s gonna be heartbreaking, it’s gonna be everything,” Maxwell said. “So it’s gonna be a proper take-off from our last record, but with a lot of new surprises, I think.”

Given the large amount of time they’re spending in the studio, the guys are currently taking a break from the road. They’ll hit the stage once again for a New Year’s Eve gig at the Bomb Factory in Dallas. The group will also rock the 2016 Shiprocked concert cruise in January with other heavy-hitters, such as Five Finger Death Punch and Seether.

Hellyeah bass player Kyles Sanders recently spoke with Audio Ink Radio about the idea that “rock is dead.” He says rock is definitely alive and well.

“It’s funny, hearing that because that’s one thing Chad will say almost every night that obviously they haven’t been here,” Sanders said. “Every city we play in has been awesome. Whether it’s club dates or festivals. I guess whoever is saying that is in the wrong place at the wrong time, because it’s the opposite for us. Our shows are doing great. We’ve been touring solid for a year and a half. We’re about to go do another record and then go get right back out the first of the year.”

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