Hellyeah Cover of Phil Collins Song Features ‘Dimebag’ Guitar Work


Story by Anne Erickson

Hellyeah covers Phil Collins’ classic ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’

Hellyeah have put their own, heavy spin on Phil Collins’ classic ‘80s song “I Don’t Care Anymore.” The metal guys premiered the tune via RollingStone.com, and it’s also on the Eleven Seven Music Group’s YouTube page.

What’s extra sweet is that the song includes a never-before-released recording of the late Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott on guitar for his cover of “I Don’t Care Anymore,” which he first recorded with his brother and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul their own band, Damageplan.

“When (producer) Kevin (Churko) got the tracks isolated, he synched them up, and when we listened them it totally gave me goosebumps,” Paul explained to Rolling Stone. “We’ve always felt like (Dimebag has) been a part of this band since day one. We felt like his energy and his spirit was always with us. And for people to be able to hear him again in 2016 puts a big smile on my face.”

Hellyeah’s cover of “I Don’t Care Anymore” will appear on the group’s upcoming studio album, “Unden!able,” which is due out June 3.

Stream Hellyeah’s Cover of Phil Collins’ ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’:

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