A Perfect Circle Unveil ‘Disillusioned’ Music Video


Story by Charles Ken, photo by Tim Cadiente

Watch the new music video from A Perfect Circle, ‘Disillusioned’

We’re about a month away from the release of A Perfect Circle’s new album, and the band has just released a dark, mysterious new music video for their song “Disillusioned.” In the grey-scale video, which is up on YouTube, depicts a bleak world in which people are seemingly hypnotized by their smartphones and only get light from the devices, to boot. At the end of the video, a woman fights her way outside and guides people to put down their devices. Watch the full video below.

The cellphone-free vibe of “Disillusioned” makes sense, as A Perfect Circle concerts have a no photo, video or recording policy. After all, why be engrossed in your smartphone when live music is happening in front of your eyes?

“Disillusioned” is a song that appears on A Perfect Circle’s upcoming new album, “Eat the Elephant,” which will arrive on April 20. “Eat the Elephant,” which also includes the singles “TalkTalk” and “The Doomed,” is the band’s first full-length studio set in 14 years.

“Although I’m extremely excited to finally be completing this album after a 14-year hiatus,” frontman Maynard James Keenan said in a statement. “I’m actually more excited that its intentional release date is serving a greater purpose. The 20th of April is Carina Round’s birthday. She is a dear friend who is extremely difficult to shop for. Pressure off.”

“Demos are these precious ideas that you love in their initial state,” Howerdel added. “Then you collaborate, invite other ideas, and watch them progress. That’s the dynamics and growth of a great record. I feel we’ve made a great record.”



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