Foo Fighters to Begin Recording New Album


Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters – Story by Anne Erickson, photo by Ken Settle

Dave Grohl says Foo Fighters will “start making a new Foo Fighters record” this week

Foo Fighters have been touring in support of their latest studio album, 2017’s “Concrete and Gold,” but the guys are ready to get back in the studio.

During the group’s headlining performance at Brazil’s Rock In Rio festival on Saturday (Sept. 28), Foo Fighters vocalist and guitarist Dave Grohl announced that after wrapping up their overseas gig, the band will be back in the U.S. and start work on their next album.

“I don’t know when we’ll be back down here again, but we will,” Dave said to the audience. “We go home next week and we start making a new Foo Fighters record. It’s good, it’s good.”

Before the new Foo Fighters tunes, Grohl will reportedly appear on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, along with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbsons. Queens of the Stone Age has yet to announce a release date for their new album.

In other news, last week, Foo Fighters released a surprise EP, named “01070725,” with five songs, including some live recordings, demos and reissued album tracks. The EP, which is available now via digital outlets, follows Foo Fighters’ other recently released EP, “00050525 Live In Roswell,” which features audio from the band’s June 18, 2005, concert in Roswell, New Mexico.



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