Jonny Hetherington of Art of Dying Talks Disturbed [PODCAST]

Johnny Hetherington of Art of Dying at Rock on the Range 2011.

Art of Dying score big hit in, ‘Die Trying’

Canadian hard rock band Art of Dying is the first-ever group of rockers signed to Disturbed’s Intoxication Records imprint through Reprise. The band dropped their debut, Vices and Virtues, March 22, and the album’s lead single, “Die Trying,” made it inside the active rock chart’s Top 5. That’s pretty much unheard of in the world of newbie rock bands. Howard Benson (Papa Roach, P.O.D., Daughtry) and Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan produced the release.  Art of Dying are on the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Tour this fall, and they’ve already played the Avalanche Tour, Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma this year.

Hetherington checked in with Audio Ink Radio, and here’s a podcast from the interview:

[audio:|titles=Art of Dying Interview – Anne Erickson, Audio Ink Radio]

Were you already familiar with Disturbed before you worked with the guys?

You know, I became a Disturbed fan as things progressed, because — it’s funny — I’m Canadian, and not that Disturbed isn’t huge here, but it didn’t come to me the same way a lot of people in the US and around the world embrace Disturbed. So, it was awesome to become a new fan of the band as we were becoming friends and touring together. I remember the first night we were on tour with Disturbed and just watching them play. Their show is so intense and amazing, it’s like going to rock school every night.

What were the early years in Art of Dying like?

It was a lot of hard work because we didn’t have anyone helping us, so we were trying to figure out how to do everything on our own, and without money, that’s hard. It turned out the be an awesome learning experience, because now we know the ins and outs of tours and how to beg, borrow and steal to make those things happen. [laughs]

You guys are really active on Facebook and Twitter.

Yeah, one thing we’ve found really important to our band is meeting the people. Something we’re doing everyday is answering e-mails and Facebook and that stuff, so if people want to talk to us or ask us questions or just say, “hi,” it’s the band on there; not someone else. We get asked all the time, “Is that really you?” Of course it is. I love hearing from people It’s really rewarding as a musician to be able to put your music out there and get some feedback, and in our case, we’re really lucky to have lot of positive feedback.


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