Skillet’s Former Guitarist Launches Skies Fall Media Group

Ban Kasica, Courtesy Photo

Ex-Skillet guitarist is hopeful about new musical journey

When longtime Skillet guitarist Ben Kasica left the band in February of this year, fans were shocked. After all, Kasica started playing the six-string with Skillet at 16, adding up to a full decade alongside the hard rockers.

Kasica is opening up about his reason for leaving the band, and it turns out, he just felt it was time to take on new challenges.

“This next phase of life for me is committed to seeing others’ dreams become reality and encouraging people along in their destiny in God,” he said in a release.

That journey starts in the form of Skies Fall Media Group, a new creative business development project to facilitate artist development and management and serve as a “full-service, artist-centric independent record label.”

Kasica hopes “to be an encouragement” to others to “continue in your heavenly calling…”

Skies Fall Media Group released the debut single from Chicago-based pop-rockers We Are Leo this week; a cheery tracked called “Live for Love.”

Meanwhile, Skillet continues to tour in support of their new EP, Awake and Remixed, which features a track from the soundtrack for “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.”

Watch Skillet’s Video for ‘Monster’ with Ben Kasica on Guitar

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