Blue October Frontman Says New Song is ‘a Letter to My Daughter’

Story by Anne Erickson

Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld opens up about special track on new album

Texas modern rock darling Blue October are back with a new album, Any Man in America (out this week), and the release is a hard rock treat stuffed with dynamic, harmonic and heartfelt musical energy.

Frontman Justin Furstenfeld has never shied away from getting personal with his lyrics, and Any Man in America is no exception. On the album, he writes straight from the heart about his experience with divorce and a messy custody battle over his young daughter. He holds nothing back.

Furstenfeld says one particular track, the softened “The Worry List,” is written directly for his daughter.

“That song is basically a letter to my daughter that I hope she gets to hear when she’s old enough to understand, and it’s basically explaining why I wasn’t there,” he told Audio Ink Radio. “It’s not because I didn’t want to be there, it’s because I wasn’t allowed. I was working. I missed a lot, and I’m sorry. I love her, and through her, I found happiness. And it’s also telling my friends, ‘Don’t worry about me.’”

Check in with Audio Ink Radio next week for our full interview with Furstenfeld. We talk about the new album (“It’s basically an audio journal”), touring and Blue October’s plans through the rest of 2011.

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Anne Erickson
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