Switchfoot ‘Dark Horses’ is a Rock Anthem – Song Review [Audio]

Review by Anne Erickson

Switchfoot meshes heavy guitars and galvanizing words on, ‘Dark Horses’

Switchfoot are on a lifelong quest to find meaning and hope in a challenging world, and on “Dark Horses,” the band’s debut single off Vice Verses (out Sept. 27), that pursuit meshes with catchy hooks and pop-rock rhythms that are buoyant and memorable.

Vice Verses is the follow-up to the band’s Grammy-winning release, Hello Hurricane, which included alternative rock hits “Mess of Me” and “The Sound.”  Switchfoot’s albums always bring together rock and pop beautifully, and by now, it’s understood that their music always carries a message.

“Dark Horses” opens with heavy guitars, before quieting down for lead singer Jon Foreman’s soulful crooning: “I’ve made my mistakes / I’ve seen my heart cave in / I got my scars…”

As the chorus bursts into play, the Foreman and the guys chant the galvanizing words, “Hey, you can’t count us out / We’ve been running up against the crowd / Yeah, we are the dark horses / We’re singing…” and the track takes on a sing-along, pop feel, with mounting melodies.

Musically, the track is melodic and catchy, and it’s undoubtedly a rock anthem, with thick, chomping guitars, thumping drums and Foreman’s heartfelt singing. If Switchfoot fans are looking for a well-crafted hit in the vein of “We Were Meant to Live,” they’ve got it with “Dark Horses.”

Ink Rating: 4 out of 5 Splatters

Listen to Switchfoot’s ‘Dark Horses,’ Below:




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  1. Jim
    02 Sep 2011, 1:50 am

    Great review! Switchfoot never fails to disappoint.

    –Longtime Switchfoot fan

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