Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge: We Have Our Power Back


Story by Anne Erickson

Blink-182 guitarist says band members have strong friendship

Eternal skate-punk boys Blink-182 reunited in 2009, initiating a major international tour and bringing fans to their knees, begging for new material. On Tuesday (Sept. 27), those cries will be answered with a progressive punk-pop collection, Neighborhoods, that shows the boys (er, men) expanding the range of their sound without turning their back on fans who grew up on “All the Small Things” and “The Rock Show.”

For years, it seemed the rekindling of Blink-182 was not in the cards. Following a fairly vocal split, guitarist Tom DeLonge put together Angels & Airwaves, bass player Mark Hoppus went the producer route and drummer Travis Barker worked on a variety of projects, both musical and those of the reality TV variety.

But, after a while, it became obvious Blink-182 was home. ” … When we start playing the Blink songs, I totally feel the same way [I did when we first played them],” DeLonge told the PB Pulse. “It’s like, that’s the most exciting thing about it. It transports you to a time when you just had so much angst and you need to change things up in your young adult life.”

As for the breakup, DeLonge says Blink-182 are stronger because of it. “Everybody has built their respective lives during the breakup, and we came back together, everybody needs to be able to cater to those and it was very mutually understood and enforced,” he told “The control mechanisms on our schedules and how we do it comes from the band now, not so much the institution that surrounds the band.

“It’s almost like we went away and came back, and we kind of got our power back as the three of us,” he continued, adding that the guys’ time apart is “one of the things that has made this band so strong.” (Photo via Facebook.)


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