Nirvana Memories from Oh, Sleeper and MuteMath

Celebrate 20 years of Nirvana with Oh, Sleeper and MuteMath

The 20th anniversary of Nirvana‘s famed, Nevermind, album is drawing close at Sept. 24, and in honor, Audio Ink Radio is asking various musicians about the album’s impact on their lives.

Oh, Sleeper frontman Micah Kinard says that, although grunge is outside his metal-core genre, Nirvana’s album had a major impact. “This is my first time hearing about that,” he said. “The first knee-jerk thought about that is, ‘What would Kurt think?’ I think it’s pretty awesome and that band deserves respect for what they did for music and the influence they had on it. Especially, the kids these days are so saturated in trends, only small amount of them know where those trends came from.”

MuteMath drummer Darren King agrees: “The other day, I was in New York, and I was having the best day exploring the city, and this guy passed me with headphones on, singing a Nirvana song really loudly. I though, ‘Geez, that album is so deeply etched into our culture.’ And it’s amazing that something so specific — he’s not being vague with his identity on that record, and he’s being uncomfortably personal with the way he came across — but something so specific strikes a chord. That’s what more people have connected with than anything else, and I love that.”


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