Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind,’ Remembered by Rev Theory and Stars Go Dim


Nirvana’s Nevermind influenced members of Rev Theory and Stars Go Dim

Nirvana’s Nevermind birthday happened this past weekend (Nov. 24), and it’s hard to believe the alternative rock nugget is truly 20 years old. To commemorate the milestone, Audio Ink Radio caught up with musicians of today to get their thoughts and feelings on Nirvana’s sophomore gem.  Staind, Crossfade and the Raconteurs have already checked in, and now Rev Theory and Stars Go Dim are looking back at what Nevermind meant to their personal journey into music.

Stars Go Dim bass player Michael Wittig says when he first heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” he knew it was special. “I lived in Southern California when that album was released, and I remember listening to L.A.’s famous KROQ,” he said. “I distinctly remember the first time they played a Nirvana song, and they actually played a few back-to-back. They said, ‘We have brand new music for you that’s different from anything you’ve heard and is going to change music,’ and then they played Nirvana. They played three of their songs.

“They had people call in, and some people were like, ‘Wow, this is amazing,’ and other people were still stuck in the other early-‘90s stuff and saying, ‘This music is crap.’ I like Nirvana. I wasn’t their No. 1 fan, but I bought the albums and enjoyed it. I’m a bass player, and one of the first bass lines I learned was Nirvana’s ‘Lithium.’ It’s amazing to me it’s that long ago.”

Wittig also remembers Dave Grohl, who now fronts alternative rock band Foo Fighters, had quite a set of pipes. “What’s crazy, too, is I remember watching Nirvana playing MTV Unplugged, and Pat Smear played with them — who sometimes plays with the Foo Fighters — and Dave Grohl was playing drums, of course,” Wittig said. “Dave Grohl was singing backups on the song, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, that guy sings better than Kurt.’ So it’s crazy to think that now the Foo Fighters are so successful.”

Rev Theory frontman Rich Luzzi thinks Kurt Cobain is one of the finest songwriters in the history of popular music. “It’s pretty crazy that it was 20 years ago when record came out and changed music and that we lost one of the greatest songwriters of that era and ever,” he said, “so when you think it’s 20 years of Nirvana, you think about how relevant they still are today. It’s pretty mind-blowing.”

Read Audio Ink’s interview with Rev Theory on the interviews page, and check back next week for a full interview with Stars Go Dim. (Photo credit: Michael Lavine.)


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