Alien Ant Farm Sign with Executive Music Group, Plot New Album

Story by Anne Erickson

‘Smooth Criminal’ rockers plan to release a new album in 2012

The Southern California men behind that crazy-good remake of “Smooth Criminal” have a new record deal with the Executive Music Group label via Fontana / Universal. The original cast of players – including Dryden Mitchell (vocals), Mike Cosgrove (drums), Terry Corso (guitar) and Tye Zamora (bass) — will begin to write their fourth studio album in November, and they’re gunning for a spring 2012 release. The upcoming album will be the follow-up to their 2006 release, Up in the Attic, and the band’s first with their original line-up in toe since 2003.

“We just came off of a three-month tour in the U.S. that made us realize that with the original line-up back together, we have fire and hunger again,” guitarist Terry Corso said in a release. “That being said, we can hardly wait to hit the studio and start putting a new record together. … With a fresh new collection, we hope to get our core fans excited, as well as turn some brand new listeners on to the Alien Ant Farm sound and show the world we have a lot more to offer than the average rock band.”

Alien Ant Farm spent the past summer rocking through 60 U.S. cities on the, “ANTicipation Tour.” Expect plenty of additional high-octane touring in 2012.

The guys are currently in the U.K. and will play the “Michael Forever Tribute” on Oct. 8. Of course, they’ll perform, “Smooth Criminal.” “Being a part of the Michael Jackson tribute is an incredible honor for Alien Ant Farm,” singer Dryden Mitchell said.  “… My first concert was Michael Jackson on his Victory Tour at Dodger Stadium when I was 10 years old. Fast-forward to all that he has done for my life. Simply amazing when I take a step back and try to take it all in. I love the man! Incredible, to say the least.”


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