Alien Ant Farm Return After Lengthy Hiatus, Announce New Album


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“Smooth Criminal” rockers Alien Ant Farm have been on quiet for about nine years, but now, they’re back. The Southern California band have announced a new album, “~mAntras~,” dropping on April 26. They’ve also released the first single off the set, the high-energy “So Cold.” It’s a rousing tune with a massive chorus.

“~mAntras~” will mark Alien Ant Farm’s first new album in nearly a decade. You can pre-order the set here. The guys are ready to get back to rocking. They’re “re-energized and ready to take on the world,” according to a press release. Sounds epic, right?

“The new album might not be for the faint of heart, but it might be for the heart broken,” the band said in a statement, adding that the new music has a metal influence. So, Sum 41 and Alien Ant Farm are going metal? Sounds like metal is where it’s at, which I’ve always known.

“If you’re an Alien Ant Farm fan true and true, you won’t be disappointed, and if you’re just a visitor from another planet, we hope you enjoyed your extra terrestrial visit,” the band adds in the statement.

As for live shows, Alien Ant Farm don’t have much lined up right now. But, the band will perform at Welcome To Rockville 2024 alongside a bevy of big rock names, such as Foo Fighters, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Disturbed and more. Alien Ant Farm also have a gig lined up in Ashland, Kentucky, on June 8 at Paramount Arts Center. For show information, head to their official website.

Alien Ant Farm bring together vocalist Dryden Mitchell, guitarist Terry M. Corso, drummer Mike Cosgrove and bass player Timmy Pee. They formed back in 1996 with pretty much the same lineup, only a different bassist in Tye Zamora. “All were bored with their day jobs and sought something else to break them from corporate norms. Music allowed them to freely express themselves, and a friendship was born,” a press release explains. They released their debut album independently, “Greatest Hits,” in the late-1990s. That album went on to win Best Independent Album at the 1999 L.A. Music Awards.

Then, in March of 2001, Alien Ant Farm released their major-label debut in “ANThology.” The album really caught on, thanks in large part to the radio hit “Smooth Criminal,” a funky, alternative rock take on Michael Jackson’s original song. The song went No. 1 on rock radio, and the record went platinum. It’s still a staple on rock radio. I hear it all the time when I’m working as a radio host in the rock format.

Moreover, over the years, Alien Ant Farm have released five studio albums and sold over 5 million units worldwide. “~mAntras~” will mark their sixth studio album.

“So Cold” is a melodic hard rock anthem, with clean, soaring vocals and crunchy guitars. It’s a step forward to Alien Ant Farm, in that it’s pretty different from the songs the band released back in the early-2000s. Perhaps the best way to put it is that the song is less manic than previous Alien Ant Farm songs, but it still has bite. Listen to the song below and stream it on different platforms here.

Some would say that Alien Ant Farm’s music incorporates some elements of punk. Find our feature on five pioneers of the punk movement here.

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