Maynard James Keenan Preps Puscifer’s ‘Conditions,’ U.S. Tour


Story by Anne Erickson

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman readies Puscifer’s Conditions of My Parole

Heavy music frontman-turned-wine connoisseur Maynard James Keenan spent much of last summer touring with alternative-minded group A Perfect Circle, but today, the talk is all about Puscifer. Conditions of My Parole, the sophomore album from Keenan’s comedy-inspired project, lands in stores and online Tuesday (Oct. 18). Listen to the entire Puscifer album via SPIN’s stream through the release.

Conditions of My Parole is Keenan and the clan’s second studio collaboration, and we use the word “collaboration” because the project includes 16 A-list musicians making music with the Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman. Puscifer is Maynard’s electro-rock darling, presenting a groove-heavy collection of purposely hook-less songs, breaking all pop songwriting conventions.

Puscifer is nearing the kick-off of their U.S. tour in support of Conditions in November. Find tour dates on the band’s Facebook page. According to Keenan, expect a lavish production, utilizing all kinds of modern technology. “We had some ideas we wanted to express that were impossible to express in 1995. Some of the stuff we’re trying to do would have been cost-prohibitive back then,” Keenan told Gannett regarding Puscifer’s first tour, last year. “Some of the videos we’ve been able to do because of technology.”

Keenan added that playing the funny guy is nothing new for the frontman, despite the notion of a darker Keenan a la Tool and A Perfect Circle’s murky qualities. Have people seen his humorous side before? “They’ve seen it, just didn’t get it,” Keenan exclaimed. “I mean, come on. ‘Stinkfest?’ If someone can’t see the humor in some of those songs, then they’re not listening or just choosing not to.”


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