P.O.D. (Payable on Death) Ink to Razor & Tie, Plan New Album


Story by Charles Ken

P.O.D. have a new home with Razor & Tie

The guys of P.O.D. (Payable on Death) are no doubt in good spirits. The inspirational rap-rock band have officially signed to New York-based record label Razor & Tie, the muscle behind such rock and metal acts as All That Remains, Norma Jean and Madina Lake. Of course, this means the band’s yet-to-be-named, Howard Benson-produced (Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman) album will arrive on Razor & Tie. Expect the release to appear in spring 2012.

“We are really excited to be starting a new chapter of our career with Razor & Tie,” P.O.D. vocalist Sonny Sandoval said in a release. “We just can’t wait to put out the new album and show everyone what we’ve worked so hard on.”

In a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio, Sandoval talked about the recording process for the band’s upcoming collection. “[Howard Benson] has been involved in the writing process, and he’s coming back and forth from L.A. to work on stuff and make sure we’re on the right track,” he said. “We came up with Howard, so he knows how we work. We got a hold of him before he became this big-time, superstar rock producer, so we have that old-school relationship where we can be honest.

“He lets us do what we want to do. I know he’s really hands-on with a lot of the new bands he works with, but he believes in us and he gives us a lot of freedom to just be us without trying to make that one rock single or that one radio hit. He just lets us do our thing. We have a really cool relationship with Howard, and I know he’s really excited about this record.”

P.O.D. (Payable on Death) first met up in 1992, and since, they’ve snagged Grammy nominations and sold thousands of records. “Alive,” “Boom” and “Youth of the Nation” are a sampling of the Christian rock band’s long list of hits. Who’s ready for new P.O.D.?




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