Static-X’s Wayne Static Names His Favorite Horror Film


Story by Charles Ken

Wayne Static weighs in on Halloween, horror movies

Halloween is coming up, and metal greats far and wide are prepping for the big day. Some have shows, and others, like Wayne Static of Static-X, have the night off. “I think we’re going to be off, so I don’t really know what we’re going to do for Halloween,” Static told Audio Ink Radio. “Generally, when the band is on tour, we all dress up like KISS and do some KISS songs, but we’re going to be off this year, so we’ll probably just do something fun at home.”

Akin to Halloween, metal and horror flicks go together swimmingly. Static says he likes the original scary movies more than the latest, trendy ones. “I’m more of the old school,” he said. “The Shining is one of my favorites. I’m not a huge fan or fanatic, but I do like a lot of stuff.”

Static recently released his debut solo album, Pighammer, bringing all things heavy and electronic: riffs that grind and groove, strong motorized rhythms and barking vocals. He says he’s most proud of the solid songwriting on the release. “I’m proud of every record I’ve made, but I think these songs are really focused, and I spent so much time writing them,” he said. “I’m proud of everything I’ve made. If I didn’t think it was awesome, I would never even put it out. But, this record just took a lot longer than normal because I did everything myself and was really picky about it.” Read our full interview with Static, where he talks much more about Pighammer, on the interviews page.




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