Art of Dying’s Jeff Brown on Disturbed: ‘They’re Our Brothers’


Story by Charles Ken

Hard rock band Art of Dying say they’re blessed to have Disturbed on their side

It’s no secret that the boys of Art of Dying have Disturbed personalities David Draiman and Dan Donegan to thank for their hard rock victory. After all, Draiman and Donegan are the ones who first discovered the Canadian band, inking them to their own label, Intoxication Records, an imprint of Warner Bros.

Art of Dying drummer Jeff Brown gives Disturbed 100% of the credit when it comes to getting his band’s hard-hitting tracks out to the masses. “As far as just helping us, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for those guys,” Brown told Sound Spike. “They’re our brothers. They’re our label. How lucky are we? It’s a tough business. Not only did we sign to a great label and have Intoxication/Warner Bros. backing you, but having big brothers in the background saying, ‘Stay on this street. Don’t go left. Don’t go right.'”

Art of Dying’s debut album, Vices and Virtues, mixes songs from the band’s 2007 indie record with new tracks. When it came time to churn out the final product, Donegan went into the studio with Art of Dying to re-record the older tunes, adding a tougher character.

“That’s what he’s really good at,” he said. “When Danny gets in the studio, he’s such a monster player and such a hard worker. He literally was on his hands and knees from 11 to 11 every day, tweaking guitar pedals, talking about drum stuff.” Want more on Art of Dying? Check out Audio Ink Radio’s review of their track, “Get Thru This.” Fans of Disturbed may opt to check out the trailer for the band’s forthcoming album of B-sides and rarities, The Lost Children.


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