Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Recalls Scary Childhood Stunt


Story by Anne Erickson

Blink-182 bass player goes back in time with childhood tale

Blink-182’s new-school punk-pop certainly glorifies youth and the idea of never growing up. Band members don’t fight that fact, and bass player Mark Hoppus recently disclosed a “don’t-try-this-at-home” kind of story from his days before attending, “The Rock Show.”

“We were really smart as high-schoolers,” Hoppus told MTV News. “We had a friend, his name was Dave, he had a two-story house, and in the backyard of his house was a pool. And his parents would leave for days at a time, so of course, Dave’s a responsible guy, he wouldn’t let anything bad happen. So we would jump off a second-story roof into the pool. We called it Acapulco cliff diving.

“It was definitely high enough so that if you jumped in, you had to turn your body as soon as possible so that you didn’t eat your knees,” he added.

It’s a miracle, he says, the guys are still alive. “At first I think it was cannonballs and feet first, and then we’d one-up each other and by the end, people were doing flips,” he recalled. “I definitely dove headfirst into this pool.” Ouch! Again, don’t — we repeat, don’t — try this at home, kids. Even Hoppus thinks they were crazy, looking back on the escapades.

Blink-182 recently wrapped up the Honda Civic Tour alongside My Chemical Romance, in support of their recently released skatepunk / new wave nugget, Neighborhoods. Now that the guys of Blink are back in maximum force, Hoppus assures fans that the guys have no intention of ever breaking again, and they “want it to keep going for as long as we can.”




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