Coldplay’s Chris Martin Gives Props to the Rolling Stones, U2


Story by Charles Ken

Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto is on top of the charts, but singer Chris Martin is humble

Ever since 2000’s breakout single, “Yellow,” Coldplay have relished in unstoppable success, grooming a blend of thoughtful Brit-pop and anthemic alternative rock. But while the group’s achievements speak for themselves — seven Grammys, over 50 million records sold, over 500,000 copies of Mylo Xyloto sold in its first week alone — singer Chris Martin doesn’t think Coldplay are the biggest band of the moment.

“You can’t be called the biggest band in the world when the Rolling Stones and U2 are still in it, and anyone can go buy a Beatles or Clash album,” Martin told Spin. “Just because some bands aren’t around doesn’t mean they’re not big.” But, at least he admits that Coldplay are, “definitely the biggest soft-rock band from north London in the last 10 years.”

Martin went on to say that being married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow keeps him grounded. “It’s extra hard because I’m married to Gwyneth. I find it very hard to work out where Coldplay stand. There’s this other side of fame that we try to avoid, but you can’t always avoid it. So I never know why someone might be interested in me. Is it about the music? Or is it about this or that?

“But, you know, in a way that’s a good thing,” he added. “Because it never makes me feel like a rock star. I’m not even the biggest star in our family [laughs]. It keeps your feet on the ground.” Martin also recently stated that he didn’t have huge sales expectations for Mylo, but Coldplay fans obviously proved him wrong. (Featured image: Coldplay via Facebook.)


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