Maynard James Keenan Says Puscifer is Completely ‘Independent’


Story by Anne Erickson

Puscifer’s fall tour wraps up in December

Maynard James Keenan may be known for fronting dark, ambient art rock groups Tool and A Perfect Circle. But this fall, the renowned vocalist and songwriter is spending his days on the road with Puscifer, his electro-industrial, comedy-flavored project, promoting the band’s sophomore full-length, Conditions of My Parole.

What makes Puscifer different from both Tool and A Perfect Circle is the fact that Puscifer are doing everything completely DIY. Keenan says that concept might be a hard thing for people to wrap their heads around, because “they’ve heard of larger acts saying ‘Oh, we’re independent.’ Well, no, not really, because they might not have a label, but they definitely have a staff that’s basically a label,” he told the Phoenix New Times. “They have all the same pieces in place, and then they go through a major distributor to make sure their records get out into the stores.”

As for all those bells and whistles, Puscifer doesn’t have any of them. “… We’re going through – no label, no funding, no underwriting, no sponsors. We got through an independent distribution called Junketboy, which deals with local record stores, the Coalition of Independent Music Stores, [and gets the record to] places like Amoeba, and all the places around Phoenix where you can still get vinyl. Hot Topic won’t even take Junketboys calls to distribute records – that’s how independent it is.”

Remaining 2011 Puscifer Tour Dates:

Nov. 26. — Washington, D.C.
Nov. 27 — Charlotte, N.C.
Nov. 29 — Knoxville, Tenn.
Nov. 30 — Atlanta, Ga.
Dec. 2 — Tulsa, Okla.
Dec. 3 — Dallas, Texas
Dec. 6 — Los Angeles, Calif.
Dec. 7 — San Francisco, Calif.
Dec. 9 — Phoenix, Ariz.
Dec. 10 — Las Vegas, Nev.


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