Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Can Take the Haters, Says My Darkest Days


Story by Anne Erickson

My Darkest Days: ‘there are more people who love Nickelback than hate them’

It’s no secret that hard rock band My Darkest Day have Nickelback to thank for getting their name out there to the mainstream rock contingent. After all, the guys of Darkest Days earned heaps of fans in 2010, after Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger discovered them and helped get their songs out to the world.

While Nickelback is one of those polarizing bands that draws heaps of love from some fans and negative attention from others, Matt Walst of My Darkest Days says Kroeger takes it all in stride. When you’re one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, you’re going to have haters, right? After all, the guys’ current rock song, “Bottoms Up,” hit No. 1 on the active rock chart last week.

“I know Chad can take it,” Walst told the Peterborough Examiner. “He knows there are more people who love Nickelback than hate them, and he’s doing pretty well. I just have to look around and see how well he’s doing. I’m looking out the window at his golf course right now. His private golf course. You know, if you get that big, there are going to be haters. Lady Gaga got big and people hated Lady Gaga.” We love to see a fellow rocker standing up for his buddy.

In My Darkest Days news, the guys are working on songs for their sophomore album, and they’re making major headway. “We’ve got four done and more on the way,” Walst said. The guys are also playing some shows through the end of the year, and after 15 months of touring, they’ve learned how to pace themselves: “At first, we were coming out guns blazing each and every night, but we learned soon that we couldn’t keep up that pace.”


Anne Erickson
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