Steel Panther’s Stix Zadinia: ‘I Love Our Band and Our Music’


Story by Charles Ken

Steel Panther drummer says band’s mission is to expose ‘every person in the world’ to heavy metal

Sunset Strip glam-rock band Steel Panther are in celebratory mode. The group’s latest full-length, Balls Out, entered the U.S. Billboard 200 chart last week inside the chart’s Top 40, moving nearly 12,000 copies.

Drummer Stix Zadinia says that while’s he’s overwhelmed with the 14-track album’s starry showing, he’s also not completely surprised by all the hoopla.

“I love our band, and I feel like if I love our music, there’s no reason other people wouldn’t love it, too,” he exclusively told Audio Ink Radio. “When you start a band, you go, ‘I want this band to be huge,’ and then a lot of times in bands, there are so many hurtles. I think I’m most surprised at the fact we knocked down all the hurdles.”

As for what the guys did to celebrate, Zadinia says they haven’t really had time to do anything out of the ordinary. “We didn’t really do anything different,” he said. “We used it as another reason to party a little bit more, but I don’t think we did anything specific, because we’re so busy with so much right now, and we didn’t really have time to celebrate.”

Zadinia added that just because Steel Panther are starting to garner real mainstream attention, it doesn’t mean the guys are going to stop what they’re doing, which is making slap-happy metal tracks and spreading the heavy music word to the multitudes. “Steel Panther are on mission to bring heavy metal back, and we’re not going to stop just because we have a top 40 record, we’re not going to settle or rest until every person in the world has been exposed to heavy metal. That’s our mission!” Check back next week for our full interview with Zadinia. (Photo credit: F. Scott Schafer.)




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