Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland Tells Childhood Christmas Memories


Story by Cat Badra

Stone Temple Pilots singer recalls Christmastime as a little tyke

Grunge rock fans seemed more than a tad surprised when Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland made the move to release an album of traditional Christmas songs in October. The set, Most Wonderful Time of the Year, carries no strange twists or disturbing turns; this is Scott Weiland lending his tenor to the merriest, most traditional Christmas songs crafted.

Weiland says he has nothing but wonderful memories of Christmastime at the Weiland household, filled with family get-togethers and all things jolly. “My memories of Christmas are very joyful,” he told QMI Agency. “My family would get together. My grandparents were with us. It was a special time.

“I remember we would wake up in the morning, and my father would put on the record player and play old albums. He would usually start out with orchestral versions of classics and chorals. Listening to those songs is something I always remember.” Weiland added that before he got his first record deal, he and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots recorded a version of “White Christmas” as a Christmas gift. “We had no money, so we gave it to our families for Christmas,” he said. “I gave one to my parents, one to my grandparents. They said that was the best present they ever got.”

Weiland says doing this Christmas album fits the alternative rock singer to a tee. “…Well, you know what, man? People don’t know me,” he said. “They know what someone’s opinion is. And they know my songs. But they really don’t know me. Christmas, ever since I was a kid, was a big thing. It still is a big thing.” Watch Scott Weiland’s video for, “White Christmas,” on the videos page.




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