Retro Blink-182 Video for ‘Josie’ Hits the Internet


Story by Anne Erickson

Blink-182’s original version of ‘Josie’ surfaces on the Web

Merry Christmas, Blink-182 fans. Your holiday gift is a never-before-released clip from Blink-182’s music video for their track, “Josie,” which appears on the band’s 1997 release, Dude Ranch.

Now, true fans of the punk-pop trio are probably asking, “Didn’t Blink-182 already release a video for, ‘Josie?’” The answer is, “yes.” One video was taped in a high school, with Mark Hoppus and the guys rocking out in a bathroom. That version was official released by Blink-182’s label to promote the track. The other adaptation was taped in what looks to be a basement with an underwater tank quickly filling up with water. The latter video, which is the new one, was directed by Jason Matzner, and he subsequently released it on his Vimeo channel. Only time will tell if the full video sees a release. Watch the new video clip, below.

Blink-182’s latest album, Neighborhoods, is certainly one of the most popular pop-rock concoctions of 2011. Hoppus recently told Billboard that the guys don’t plan to retire anytime soon. “We’ve always said we would continue to do Blink-182 as long as it’s fun, and when it wasn’t fun we stopped it,” he said, “and now it’s fun again I want it to keep going for as long as we can.” He also chatted about the guys’ first moments reuniting. “After Travis [Barker] was in the plane crash, Tom [DeLong] reached out to him, just to say, ‘Hey, I hope you’re okay, I’m thinking of you,’ and that was the first time they had spoken in five years,” he said. “And not long after that, I talked to Tom. It was a while – weeks and months before we started talking about Blink at all. But mostly it was connecting as people again.” Watch the video, here. (Courtesy photo.)




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