Deftones – 2012 New Album Outlook


Story by Charles Ken

California alt-metal band Deftones are back in the studio

The past two years brought an abundance of touring for alternative metallers Deftones, as the band trekked across North America and the rest of the world in support of their 2010 release, Diamond Eyes. Now, the guys are back in their recording digs, working hard on new music for their seventh studio album.

Frontman Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter and their band mates recently posted three photos from the studio, one half-jokingly titled, “Back at the office.” With sessions already well in progress, it’s sensible to expect 2012 to bring the next chapter in Deftones mayhem.

During the band’s run to support Diamond Eyes, Audio Ink Radio caught up guitarist Stephen Carpenter to talk gear. He admitted that he’s a sucker for a pretty face– at least when guitars are concerned. “I really believe in their abilities based on how beautiful they look,” he said. “If it looks beautiful to me, I’m going to make it sound beautiful.” His overall gear advice, however, is that less is more. “Regardless of equipment, it’s up to you to make the sound you want to hear.”

Carpenter also chatted about his affinity for 7- and 8-string guitars. The majority of Carpenter’s 7-strings are set up like 6-strings with an additional high-E string– a tip he got from Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit. “After I started playing 7-strings and switched back to 6-strings, they were too small and I just wasn’t digging on them anymore,” he explained. “So when I changed over to 7-strings, for the continuity of performing the older material, I restrung them with an additional high E.”

Deftones also released a limited edition, vinyl box set, Deftones: The Vinyl Collection, 1995 – 2011, this past fall. The release saw a pressing of only 1,000 copies worldwide. (Photo credit: Anne Erickson.)


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