Pearl Jam, ‘Chinese’ – Listen to the Band’s Unreleased 1991 Demo


Story by Anne Erickson

Previously unreleased Pearl Jam demo, ‘Chinese,’ hits the airwaves

Pearl Jam Twenty director Cameron Crowe took time out of his busy schedule promoting his new flick, We Bought a Zoo, to stop by Pearl Jam’s Sirius / XM radio station Wednesday (Dec. 28). Even better than just dropping in, Crowe brought along a late Christmas gift: an unreleased 1991 demo called, “Chinese.” While the sound quality isn’t exactly pristine (lead singer Eddie Vedder sounds muffled and a tad buried in the instrumentals), the heart and soul of Pearl Jam is absolutely there. It’s everything that’s great in a demo: that raw, exciting piece of music that somehow shines through a stifled exterior.

“Chinese” is currently streaming on Netflix. You may also check out the song, below, courtesy of Consequence of Sound, for your grunge listening pleasure. Put on some flannel and flare jeans to get into the proper listening mode. Note the enormous drum sound and Vedder’s breathy, near-supernatural vocals. It almost sounds as if “Chinese” could have fit on Ten, right alongside “Jeremy.” It makes one wonder what other unreleased jewels Pearl Jam have under their hats. Only time will tell.

News recently broke that Pearl Jam are planning to hit the studio in March of 2012 to record a follow-up to 2009’s, Backspacer. They guys are in the process of composing the album, and they already have seven tracks in the can. Read what longtime Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready has to say about the upcoming tracks on Pearl Jam’s artist page.

Listen to Pearl Jam’s Previously Unreleased Demo, ‘Chinese’:




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